About Milly (Emilie) Groz

Milly (Emilie) Groz

is a Vienna-based Pianist and Rhythmician. Her work is rooted in free improvisation, jazz and the transdisciplinary approach of connecting music and movement through eurythmics.

Her projects range from free improvisation to freejazz to performance. Lately she has developed her solo-project "Millycent" that focuses on mumble-rap.

She loves working with poems and writing. Her latest passion is the interdisciplinary sign-language "Soundpainting" (Walter Thompson).

Milly Groz craves the analogue, the direct contact to her audience and the moments, where she surprises herself in the course of an improvisation.



She teaches Improvisation at the Music- and Movementeducation/Rhythmics-department of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna and works as a freelance pianist, performer and piano/improvisation/eurythmics-teacher. 


Milly Groz learned piano with Christoph Cech, Elisabeth Aigner-Monart and Reinhard Micko. She studied Music- and Movementeducation/Eurhythmics at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. At the moment she finishes her Piano-studies (Jazz&Improvisation) in Linz (Anton Bruckner Private University).


Millycent     (Solo-Pop with mumble-rap)

Meta & Magnet (Duo; contemporary music, free improv)

Sirius        (Trio; compositions and free improv)

Z'ORG         (Trio; freejazz)

OFFSTIKO      (open vocal soundpainting-collective)