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Meta & Magnet Bild


Eva Leonie Fegers - Blockflöte, Melodika & Föhn

Milly Groz - Klavier, Melodika, Fender Rhodes & Föhn


Eva Leonie Fegers and Milly Groz, alias Meta & Magnet share their passion for the moment of Surprise. They got to know eachother in spring 2018 and decided relatively soon to become a band.

Fegers & Groz: That’s the glamour of pop with an tonally free approach – it’s sound & smoke.


The current performance META & MAGNET are working on is inspired by the circulation of hot air: For "Aeroföhnia" Eva Leonie Fegers and Milly Groz are experimenting with the circuits of air and sound in churches. Contemporary music and improvisation based on the In-nomine-tradition meet eachother at different spots of the sacred space. Between the pieces you can hear a choir of recorders powered by hairdryers. 

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