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Audio und Video Milly Groz


Live at Kulturcafe Max – I feel fine

Ö1 Radiosession – Upside down

Live at Kulturcafe Max - Das Mädchen

Live at Intertonale#4 - Das Mädchen

Mamma Fatale feat. MILLYCENT

Pumn De Țărână feat. MILLYCENT

Ceren Oran soundpainting Milly Groz

live recording at Big Bang Festival

Tallinn 2019

MILLYCENT & Mona Matbou Riahi

"Wir fordern" for re:composed II

"In Nomine" by Meta & Magnet

"Over the ocean"

recorded on the 11th of July 2020

composition / voice / film / recording : Milly Groz​



preview for Fraufeld Vol.I

SIRIUS minimal


live at MDW

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