MILLYCENT = Mumble Rap + Free Improv + Pop

MILLYCENT is about to shoot up into the sky of funkyversum. She decided over night to become the Queen of Mumble-Rap. Asked why she'll answer: "Cauz I'm dancing on the inside.

Beat & Mumble are my volcanos lava!"

This Solo-Project combines bits of old disco hits with new lyrics, rearranged beats and unexpected harmonies:

Milly Grozs' improvisation on the common grounds of evergreens drift into comedy, the absurd or free tonality. Her joy in combining free improvisation, jazz and disco pop, matcho lyrics of the 60s and feminist positions, hip hop, swing and weird sounds makes the Millycent-concerts an experience for very mixed Audiences. 

MILLYCENT = Milly Groz on piano + voice



28.2. MILLYCENT@ Im Spitzer

Taborstraße 10, 1020 Wien
(Innenhof, rechts neben dem Odeontheater)


14.9.18 Josefstädterstraßenfest

24.9.18 Minisolo @Club Bahö

28.9.18 Upside down featuring Astrid & Beate Wiesinger @Fraufeld vol.II Preview im Echoraum

4.10.18 Session-Opener @KAPU

18.10.18 @Preisverleihung Freie Szene IG Kultur im rhiz

27.3. support für Knecht Albrecht @Loop Wien

28.3. support für Knecht Albrecht @Tischlerei, Melk

28.4. Klangschüssel XVI @Kulturcafé Max

25.5. Soli Party Seenotrettung

28.6. MILLYCENT support für Mandl Schorsch @GrillX

28.7. MILLYCENT @ Partycipation Festival (Waldbühne)

25.10. MILLYCENT @KaBru Festival in der KAPU, LINZ

5.12. MILLYCENT @Spektakel

14.12. MILLYCENT @Salon Wollzeile

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