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Dear folks and fairies from all places and planets,

this is the first english version of the newsletter, because I have in mind that some people signed up for the newsletter in Kroatia (What an honour! welcome everyone!).

My german newsletter is usually full of little ideas, which are hard to translate, but let me tell you these facts:

+ VIENNA 10th of May 

Jazz & Poetry-Slam with Elif Duygu & Violetta Parisini to name but a few!

19:30 MI BARRIO Münzwardeingasse 2 Infos


+ VIENNA 13th of May 

Late Night Show

I have no clue how this is going to be, but I'm a guest in a live late night show by ernst&schmäh

19:30 SPEKTAKEL Hamburgerstraße 14 Infos & tickets


+ VIENNA 15./16th of May 

Das Gedankenreiseorchester packt aus

Our last four shows for kids are next week! All in german and for schools, but if you want to drop in let me know.

09:00 + 10:30 REAKTOR, Geblergasse 40


+ BAD SCHÖNAU 9./10th of June

MILLYCENT @ Storytelling Festival Bad Schönau

With artists from Argentinia, India, Ukraine, Germany and Austria! 

19:30 SCONARIUM, Infos & tickets

+ CROATIA / Varazdin - 13th of June

Stories in Blue is coming to Klicker Festival!

their homepage is not updated yet, but its happening.


+ VIENNA 5.-9th of July

SommerMusikWoche 2023 at Konzerthaus Wien 

All ages welcome, come as you are, Eintritt frei! Infos

I would be very honored to welcome you at one of these concerts!

All the best,

Milly Groz

PS: you can always unsubscribe by writing me "please unsubscribe"!

PPS: here is the english version of an interview I recently gave:

PPPS: If your feeling a little dead inside I recommend watching Bobby McFerrins "Spontaneous Inventions (Full Show"

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